We’ll Name it Later – Episode 01

Welcome to the “We’ll Name It Later” Podcast

After weeks of procrastination and reworking of schedules we’re back… well most of us are…

Hosted by James Taylor, with George Vanner, Stephen Freestone, Adrian Farnell & David Limburg

In this episode we chat about some stuff that may be interesting….

  • Someone listened to the last one and liked it
  • What Tea are we drinking, and which is a good dunker…
  • Should Opel Fruits/Starburst be de-merged
  • We Don’t do Politics here… but theirs a Klingon running for congress
  • TV and crossovers with Blakes 7
  • Would David look good in a Dress
  • Dr Who… who is the next doctor
  • Steve rants on Star Trek Discovery
  • Wonder Woman (2017 Film) and the 70s TV Show
  • Conventions: Phantom Films, FCD – Out of the Ashes 2.0, and Red Dwarf – Dimension Jump XIX
  • Having a good time on YouTube
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